Thursday Crew named 2013 “Volunteers of the Year”

Thur crew logo - colorWe are excited to announce that our group of volunteers affectionately known as the Thursday Crew have been named “Volunteers of the Year” for 2013 by Habitat for Humanity of Ohio!

Our Thursday Crew is a group of mostly retired businessmen and laborers, fairly skilled in construction, who volunteer with our affiliate on a very regular basis. About 80 strong today, in the early days of our ministry, they began serving as a ‘catch-up crew’ that came to the build sites on Thursdays to finish what the less skilled Saturday volunteers had started. The Thursday Crew still functions in this capacity, although their role has evolved into much more, expanding into all facets of the Habitat ministry (and all days of the week!). They help prepare the construction sites, provide supervision and leadership to other volunteers, work at the Habitat ReStore, teach homeownership education courses to future Habitat homeowners, serve on various committees, and much more.

This past year, their leadership, skill and generosity with their time made it possible for 25 families to achieve homeownership through our affiliate. In addition to this monumental service on our construction sites, they also played a huge role in the renovation of our new facility, spending most of the winter and spring remodeling offices, and moving and setting up our new construction warehouse. When all was said and done, the dedication and expertise of this amazing group saved our affiliate over $200,000 in contractor costs, just in the renovation of the new building alone.

Each and every member of the Thursday Crew truly believes in the mission of Habitat for Humanity, and they aren’t shy about living out those beliefs through their participation in the Habitat ministry, or talking to anyone who will listen about the positive impact of Habitat for Humanity. They provide leadership and mentorship to other volunteers by showing what real service to others looks like, and encourage others to get involved by illustrating what kind of camaraderie and support exists within the Habitat “family.”

As they work on the build sites and in our warehouse, the members of the Thursday Crew are always coming up with new ideas for different ways of doing certain steps in the construction process. Coming from a variety of backgrounds, such as teaching, engineering and manufacturing, they can see new angles for solving problems, and they provide our construction staff with great insight into the “nuts and bolts” of building our Habitat homes, in ways that help other volunteers have the best experience possible, and help our affiliate continually increase the quality of the homes we build.

Overall, the impact these volunteers make is immeasurable. Through their work with the Habitat mission, they minister to God’s people in need and also to each other in their individual walks of life, creating a ripple effect of positive change that is far-reaching and long-lasting. Habitat for Humanity of Greater Stark and Carroll Counties would not be where it is today without the devotion and loving service of the Thursday Crew. If you are part of this group, thank you all for your continued dedication and consistent service to the Habitat ministry!

And if you aren’t a part of this group, but you’d like to be, give us a call! We’d love to have you!

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